February 21, 2015

Human Torso Found in Caves in 1979- Cold Case In Idaho Gets New Heat

The city of Dubois is a small town which sits in the north eastern part of Idaho. According to http://www.city-data.com/city/Dubois-Idaho.html the population in 2013 was 596. 

In Dubois there are some caves carved into the landscape which locals call, the Civil Defense Caves. They were given this name during the Cold War. Caves were used by civil defense to store food, supplies, and give shelter to people in case a nuclear bomb was detonated in the area.

In 1979 there was a human male torso found in the caves, missing arms, legs, and a head.

In 1991 a man exploring the caves, with his daughter and grandchildren, found a severed arm with the hand attached. According to the 'Deseret News': "My daughter shined a flashlight on it, and it was a human hand," the man said.

He said the hand was still attached to an arm with a piece of a sweater on it, close to a hole in the ground.

The Clark County Sheriff's office went out to investigate and then found another arm along with two legs that were wrapped in a decaying burlap sack.

"Sheriff King believes the limbs belong to the same body as the torso, which was found about 100 feet deeper into the cave. Clothes on the limbs appeared to match those found on the torso, including dark wool pants, a white cotton shirt with pink stripes and a maroon sweater.
The torso also was found wrapped in burlap.
The limbs were cleanly severed from the body, possibly with a saw, King said, although there were no wounds on the torso. He said a medical examiner's report concluded that the man died six months to five years before the remains were found."

"Somebody killed him, that's for sure, said Earl Holden, who was Clark County sheriff at the time the torso was found, said Tuesday."

Now in 2015, the sheriff's department has given Idaho State University's Anthropology Department the job of coming to the caves to find any more possible evidence and the hopefully the missing head. ISU plans to use 3D scanning to map the caves, and make a model of the remains to hopefully identify the victim.

Sheriff May of Clark County is asking if you have any info on the case, or you might know who the victim is to call the Sheriff's office at (208) 374-5403 or (208) 709-6703.

Clark County Sheriff's Department

Deseret News

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