August 8, 2012

The California Venus

It all started with a beauty contest.. It was held in San Francisco, in 1892. The winner would have a statue made of their likeness which would be dubbed "California Venus" and put on display in the 1915 Saint Louis World's Fair. A girl by the name of Marian Nolan, age 16, won the contest, hands down. She became California's Venus. She became famous for her beauty. Women wanted to be like her, and men wanted her. With her new found fame she tried her hand at acting.. However her roles were mostly small, two line parts. However, she had many male admirers. One such admirer, Edward "Ed Marshuts" Marschuetz was smitten for Ms. Nolan. His love was not reciprocated by Maria. He became obsessed and waited for her out side the theater where she preformed. On October 20, 1902, Edward confronted Marian on the street as she was walking home. Edwward grabbed her. In frustration she reportedly hit him with her umbrella. She became free of his grasp and started to retreat when he pulled out a revolver and shot her dead. Seeing his love dead on the ground with blood starting to seep from her body, he put the revolver to his temple and pulled the trigger. There lay Beauty, with a pool of blood slowly building around her, and the beast, who's madness followed her even in death.

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