August 10, 2011

Grief and Beauty in Vermont

John Porter Bowman served in the Vermont Hose of Representatives in 1851. He owned a tannery, and became quite wealthy. He married Jennie and they had a daughter named Ella. Sadly, Ella died in 1879, and Jennie followed a year later in 1880. John had skilled masons and stone cutters build a beautiful mausoleum for his wife and daughter. He also had his likeness created in the form of a statue, kneeling near the entrance, holding a key, and a mourning reef. He later had a beautiful Victorian mansion built across from the cemetery. Laurel Hall, built in 1882, was a testament to his wealth and devotion to his family. The cemetery and mansion are now owned by the Laurel Glen Cemetery Association. You can check out beautiful photos of the mansion and mausoleum at: Bowman Mausoleum 1880 Flicker Photo album

Image belonging to: origamidon@Flickr

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