October 27, 2009

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The white plague.. it was responsible for many deaths in early 20th century Kentucky. Enter Waverly Hills Sanatorium... The city of Louisville's solution for the problem. It was opened in 1926 with the hope of helping to contain the disease. Waverly Hills was built on the highest hill in Louisville and to allow the wind circulate to through the building. The best treatment for Tuberculous in the early 1900s was thought to be nutritious food, rest and plenty of fresh air.
Waverly Hills was considered state of the art and many people passed through its doors with hope of a cure. For many, it's estimated tens of thousands, it was the last place they entered alive. The hospital closed in 1961 when a cure was discovered for TB and rendered the facility obsolete. Today Waverly has become the mecca of ghost hunters and seekers of the paranormal. Disembodied voices, slamming doors, orbs, and strange moving shadows have been seen and heard at Waverly.
I first heard about Waverly from a TV documentary and I fell in love... It seems that Waverly is wonderfully spooky and simply walking through it's corridors you step back in time. Now over run with dirt, crumbling walls, and rusting hospital equipment it has all the makings of a macabre atmosphere. Sounds perfect...:)

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