August 5, 2007

Old Wagon & Consolidated Machine Co.

I was informed that an old building in the downtown area of Idaho Falls, which was the site of the old Wagon & Machine Co was set for demolition. The branch of the company in Idaho Falls was managed by Gilbert George Wright in 1889. If you haven't figured out yet, I'm a history buff.
So I went down and took some pics of the building.

I wasn't able to get inside, but got some good shots of the outside of the building. I also found the graves of the Wright family in Rose Hill Cemetery.
It just seemed kinda of strange to me that a 100 years ago the Wright family was a prestigious, popular, welcomed part of the community and now most people don't know their name. The only thing left is a few stones in the old part of Rose Hill Cemetery. You can check out Rose Hill Cemetery and some pictures of the Wright plot on my website. It amazes me how much this city has changed. I love looking at old photos of the city, with model T Fords and the ladies with the wool skirts and sun hats.

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